Is biohacking a job?

Biohacking is not a traditional job, but it is a practice that some people engage in. Biohacking refers to the use of science and technology to alter or improve the natural functioning of the human body. Some biohackers use medical and genetic techniques to improve their health and physical performance, while others use technology to augment their senses or capabilities. Biohacking is not a recognized profession, but it is a growing field of interest for many people who are interested in using science and technology to enhance their own abilities and well-being.


Career options Biohackers can gain opportunities in the form of independent projects. This is especially a good option for all those young minds who have a lot of ideas but don't have any laboratory or guidance to explore. It's fantastic to have a passion for biohacking and, even if it's a fledgling industry, it could also stay on the sidelines and the fruits of biohacking are gradually becoming the mainstream of health (or health technology). Biohacking can not only provide the biotech industry with raw material for new innovations, but also the academy with more clues to come.

Connect with authors, attend conferences, visit biohacker spaces and community laboratories, talk to professors from local universities. The biochemical engineer comes to mind, but any cutting-edge medical or research field would favor a biohacking mentality. Biohacking is the retouching and modification of biological systems through conventional and unconventional means, usually in an informal environment, such as home laboratories, garage laboratories and community hacking spaces. The skills associated with biohacking could definitely be useful in areas such as biomedical engineering or biotechnology.

We asked Sebastian Cocioba, biohacker and molecular florist, what led him to dedicate himself to biohacking and how he uses the MiniON, among other things, to help open source biology and to educate and equip the next generation of budding biologists. I want biohackers to communicate with formal academics and that there is no line of discrimination between the abilities of amateurs with regard to research.

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